Latest Best Man Speech Jokes:

Best Man Speech Jokes

Congratulations, your best mate who you've known for so long has given you the honour of being his best man at his upcoming wedding. Well done mate, you've been given the highest award any bloke will ever bestow upon one of his chums.
When your mate asked you to be his best man, no doubt two things would have leap straight into your mind, the stag do and the dreaded best man speech. Hopefully he gave you the task whilst sitting in a pub sharing a few pints, so he would of given you a fair idea of what you can and can't get away with for the stag party, however the best man speech is all down to you. Mess it up and you'll face a wall of silence from the wedding guests, nail it and you'll become a legend for life, and you'll be mentioned at every family party you ever attend with the bride and groom in the future.

I set up this website as I've been given the honour of being the best man no less than five times already, so this must mean something. Either I'm great at organising a brilliant stag do, or they know I can deliver a decent best man speech. Probably a little bit of both.
Whilst preparing for my speeches, one of the most important things for me was the best man speech jokes, and not wanting to try and be a stand-up comedian, I did still want to make the wedding guests chuckle. One-liners and jokes are the best bits in a speech, but only if delivered well and sprinkled in lightly amongst some sincere comments about the groom. Here at Best Man Speech Jokes I'll aim to help you prepare your speech, with plenty of jokes and one-liners, some useful tips and ideas, but most importantly try to help you feel confident and relaxed when it comes to delivering the finished article.