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I was reminiscing with the Groom last night about us being lads and growing up, he reminded me of the time we were shy teenage boys we bought some condoms. The groom reminded me of when you are young, you go and buy one at a time

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Model Lover


I would like to share one moment from the stag night with you all, just to give you a little insight into the groom. I asked James what he wanted to get from his upcoming marriage. He replied, in all sincerity, “I hope to be a model

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Welsh Honeymoon


I was talking to the groom last night, trying to keep him calm, I asked him about the honeymoon he’d planned, and he started telling me you’re off to Wales, is that correct ? No? I’m sure he said he was going to Bangor all week…..? Related

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Hand Job


Getting married is like buying a dishwasher; you’ll never need to do it by hand again….. Related Jokes and One Liners: Marriage is not just a word Guests are freeloaders Coke Joke Researching the speech

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Best man giving his speech

I am honored to be standing here as the Best Man today. Malaties, Malaties, Malaties, Malaties. Well that’s the formalities out of the way, let’s get on with telling stories about the Groom. Related Jokes and One Liners: Nervous Opening Line Apprehensive Welsh Honeymoon Bridal Threats

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Nervous Opening Line

Nervous of best man speech

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls I hope you are all enjoying yourselves today, I’m not saying I’m nervous about speaking in front of you all but I now find myself standing up from a warm seat with a piece of paper in my hand for the

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